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New Zealand’s third-largest Internet Services Provider Call Plus, part of the M2 Group, has migrated its core network to Juniper Networks, providing at major upgrade at the heart of the company’s national network.Terms of the deal will see the telco move across to Juniper’s PTX3000 Packet Transport Routers, establishing a Converged Supercore designed to better handle voice, video, Internet and private network traffic growth for years to come.Simultaneously, Dick says Call Plus needed to be “extremely mindful” of operational economics given the small but highly competitive nature of the New Zealand market, with more than 80 ISPs signed up to deliver UFB services.As a result, deployment of Juniper Networks PTX3000 Packet Transport Routers gives Call Plus multi-terabit scalability within its core network with each node able to support a high density of 10, 40 and 100 Gigabit Ethernet fiber optic connections.If it weren't for this glitch I'd gladly give 5 stars. 5 stars for excellent, recommended extension/add-on. I'm hoping someone, somewhere can provide an update. 24, 2014 · permalink Have been using this addon for years and it's very good (even doanted once or twice. Since I swicthed to Telstra NBN a couple of weeks ago it no longer works. In addition, the company also expanded its VDSL offerings, enabling customers in areas still awaiting the rollout of the Government-led ultra-fast broadband (UFB) fibre network initiative to get online speeds of up to 50 Mbps.

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by critter (Developer) on April 30, 2017 · permalink Thanks for the donation!

Here in New Zealand, we don't pay for speed, we pay for amount of Broadband we have a month, my internet already gets eaten up pretty fast and having these random updating files things really doesn't help.

I pay for time to play Wo W, not for the files to eat up my Broadband allowance.

In short, this gives Call Plus huge headroom to accommodate continued core network traffic growth and a better flexibility in configuring its backbone network.“The core network is the critical element in a service provider’s architecture; it is where the continuous pressure to deliver is the most unrelenting,” adds Ken Lord, Country Manager, Juniper Networks New Zealand.“Call Plus is now in the position to evolve its Converged Supercore to flexibly accommodate new levels of peak demand while improving the economics of the core network infrastructure.

by Thomfam on May 18, 2017 · permalink Still not working 100% of the time with my Bigpond Account! It might update correctly once per day but most times it hasn't. by ucould2 on April 26, 2017 · permalink Have been getting problem since about February of 2017 eg.

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